Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Friend and Neighbor Has Died

Mel O'Hara, June 20, 2006

We only met Mel for the first time less than a month ago. In the short time that we became acquainted, he introduced us to his home and his landlady, at Las Cuevas. Because of him, we are able to rent the nice house next to his. He helped us out with much advice about living there.

We last visited with him at his neatly arranged home on Saturday. We talked about various things, including the sometimes balky Internet connection; water quality, cigars and life in an RV. Using the Google Earth program, we looked up his daughter's address in Iowa. Then we pulled up his favorite RV park in Deming, New Mexico onto the laptop's screen. Distant yet familiar home places, thanks to technology.

After getting our fill of technology, he led us up the low hill behind the house, to a flat place with a great view of the village of Las Cuevas and the valley and distant mountains beyond. We kidded about setting up a couple of chairs there to drink beer and smoke cigars at evening times.

Las Cuevas, Michoacan

Susan and I are saddened that we will be unable to have this gentle and friendly man as our neighbor. We realize that he was one of the reasons that made living there was so attractive.

While on the knoll, Mel told us that at night, just about all you could hear were the occasional howl of coyotes. The much bigger cerro rose up behind us, and we talked of how long, and what route one would take to hike to the top of that. What a view there must be from up there!

On Jun 21, 2006, at 11:00 AM, Ric Hoffman wrote:

Mel passed yesterday peacefully in his sleep. We will miss him. Bueno
adiós amigo, entra la paz.

Ric Hoffman

--- In, Mel OHara wrote:

Howdy to everyone. My name is Mel. I have been
retired for 3 years and have travelled Mexico from
Texas to the Yucatan and across Chiapas and up the
west coast. I have been to Morelia twice and stayed at
the campground in Patzcuaro. I am trying to sell my
house in New Mexico and head south about November. I
can't decide where to stay but I will head to San
Miguel for a start and continue studying Spanish. I
am very interested in Morelia and Patzcuaro. I have
been told by one lady who spends the winter in Morelia
that some folks have a weekly get-together and I would
love to be able to attend if possible. My aim is to
eventually live in Mexico and hopefully become fluent
in Spanish. Hope to hear from some of you.


--- End forwarded message ---

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BillieS said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend.

I found your cooking blog earlier but just found this one. I've added both to my list of blogs from Mexico that I read. I too like cooking in Mexico but my comments on cooking are spread around in my blog. Wish that Blogger had tags.