Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Fiestas Continue: La Virgen de Guadalupe

Today, December 14, the Fiesta de La Virgen de Guadalupe is celebrated in Las Cuevas. The usual date in most of México is December 12. I don't know why there's the local variation.
At any rate, our street is decorated, at least in part, with papel picado strung from the houses and utility poles. The people have some more work to do the complete the task before the celebration starts with a noon Mass in the Capilla.

Yesterday when we drove out on errands, we saw a pick-up truck backed up into the driveway of the house below us. I glanced in and saw a young beef animal, legs up, dead on the pavement. They were cleaning hairs or something from its chest. Undoubtedly this was the animal sacrificed for the churipo that would be served to the celebrants after mass. I'm hoping that they will serve corundas with it, in the traditional way. (I wanted to photograph the making of the churipo, but that is taking place in Tzintzúntzan.

The most notable aspect of our involvement in the celebration was Rosa and María's invitation to Susan and me to wear traditional outfits. They would fit us with the appropriate clothing. I declined, with thanks, but Susan went tentatively yesterday to the Las Cuevas Ladies' Sewing & Embroidery Circle up the road for her fitting. We had some concerns with this offer, as we had always been well-indoctrinated not to wear "native" costume while in México, as it is considered inappropriate, if not offensive to local sensibilities. But we considered that as we were sincerely invited, and that we weren't just passing through, but involved in various (we hope) positive ways in our little community, that the invitation should be considered an honor. So, here, in the photo below, is Susan displaying her (loaned) outfit.

The festivities commence at noon with a Mass in the church, followed by a comida and then a procession to carry the Virgen through the street(s). Afterwards there will be a baile at the school, just halfway down the street and off to the left.

I'll report back afterward our impressions of the day.
Música (SAVAE): Las Mañanitas de Guadalupe

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