Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hoopla On the Rancho

A couple of the preteen neighbor kids came over one evening last week. Andrés is especially inquisitive and likes to chat with us in Spanish. Both he and Alejandro were carrying a Mexican, homemade version of a Hula Hoop. The hoops are made of stiff lengths of hose, with a metal piece jammed into one end so it may be mated to the other end. These "aros", or hoops, are slightly smaller in diameter and a bit heavier than the commercial model Hula Hoops I recall. I was pleased to see that these toys or exercise devices are made from low cost, surplus materials.

They then proceeded to enthusiastically demonstrate how the hoops are used. Andrés also had a jump rope (video link).

Andrés and Alejandro
Our amiga down the street told us later that the hoops are used as part of the schools' physical fitness program. In an effort to combat obesity, the Mexican government is instituting new measures in the schools, among which fresh fruit stands are set up to tempt the children. What will the comida chatarra (junk food) vendors do? Papitas (potato chips), dulces, refrescos, chicharrones are an integral part of the Mexican food culture.

After the PE demos, we sat and chatted a while of life here and al otro lado (in the U.S.), until the air grew cool and the sun began to set. We enjoy these occasional chats with these kids. It will be our turn for Show and Tell next time.


Felipe said...

And what will you be showing and telling? Something from the kitchen, I suspect, and it won't be junk food.

Don Cuevas said...

Could be showing, for example, photos of La Fiesta del Señor de Rescate. I know Alejandro's mother didn't want to take him because of the crowds.

Then again, there might be pizza.

Don Cuevas