Sunday, January 17, 2010

Las Cabañuelas

A friend gave me a brief note yesterday, suggesting that I'd like this new word, "cabañuelas".

The note reads: "Cabañuelas= the first 12 days of January. Tradition says that the weather during these days indicates the climate during the 12 upcoming months of the year."

If the tradition is true, then we are in for a wild and windy time of rain interpersed with hail and mitigated by rainbows.

After nearly two weeks of unseasonably rainy January weather, the streak seemed to have broken yesterday. Though here at la hacienda the world was covered in fog, it cleared by mid morning and the rest of the day was bright, sunny and less cold. There is hope.

Alas! I just looked outside and there are ominous dark clouds to the east.

It's probably
his fault. (I don't understand this next picture, other than it's a "Wanted" poster. I found it in a Google images search for cabañuelas.


Felipe said...

Nice word, but I wouldn´t put much stock in it predicting the rest of the year.

That was just dark morning fluff. It´s going away. Be optimistic.

And that mugshot is for real. He has a brother who ain´t no prettier. They did some bad some a half century or more ago.

Bob Mrotek said...

Don Cuevas,
This is a joke. The only reason that you may not understand it is because some of the words you won't find in a dictionary. They are street slang.

It says "Wanted" and that the nickname of this guy is "El Cabañuelas" and this summer he killed everything in the area where he lives and didn't even let a lizard survive. The reward for finding him is a compact disc of the music of Falete who is a Spanish Flamenco dancer named Rafael Ojeda.

Sounds like a Jay Leno joke only Mexican variety :)

Anonymous said...

And I thought my dad and brother's ears stuck out! Judy

Don Cuevas said...

Thanks for that explanation, Bob.
I'd noticed some misspellings of words in the wanted poster, but had no idea why.

How about those ears, eh?

Don Cuevas