Monday, January 04, 2010

The Rainbow Gathering

Central highland Michoacán area seldom gets more than isolated rain showers during the months from October to June. This year we've had several rain showers, and today was a soaker.

We were driving home from visiting friends when we saw a partial rainbow along the foot of the ridge. Of course, we could never quite pass under its arc or overtake it.

On the other side of the road, the windbreaks of eucalyptus were austerely beautiful in their clean washed grayness. Sunshine was breaking sporadically through the rain showers, illuminating Los Tres Picos and the other mountains that form the backdrop to the valley.

When we drove up our street and reached our gate, I was amazed by the magnificent double rainbow in the northeast sky. As soon as the car was inside, I opened my camera and took some pictures.

Maybe these rainbows are a favorable omen for the New Year.


Felipe said...

I saw that rainbow as we were getting in the car yesterday, but I was too lazy to go back in the house for the camera.

Great shots.

However, I think that even saying we get "isolated" rain here this time of year is overstating the situation. Virtually never is more like it. Odd world we live it.

Don Cuevas said...

Well, Felipe, you have more ears here than we, so "virtually never" is no doubt more accurate. But we've seen a sprinkle at least once every January.

Don Cuevas

Steve Cotton said...

It sounds refreshing to me.