Monday, May 29, 2006

Atrapado en Casa

Sad goings on here at the Casa. We keep our various doors open in the daytime, for fresh air and for warmth. It's our heating and air conditioning system. There are a few drawbacks.

About a week ago, we found a hummingbird in the front parlor, desperately thrashing against the large front window. The cats waited patiently, licking their pointed, polished feline teeth.
Unfortunately, we couldn't unlock that window. We tried to gently guide the bird to a safe exit, but it persisted in flying either upward to a non existent sky, or into the transparent barrier of the window.
Later, there was silence...

Two days ago, Srta. Catalina pointed our views up to the skylight over the office desk. A small opossum was trapped inside. That was the source of the clattering glass we'd heard at night. This morning, only an creepy silence.

Susan and I had seen the Big Mamá Possum crossing the front garden last week. We suspect that where there is one young possum, there are several. It is likely that this animal was the source of the "footsteps" in the attic that had been heard for some months.

We will have the gardener, Paco, do a thorough inspection of the attic crawl space when he comes to work on Wednesday.