Monday, May 26, 2008

The Upper Las Cuevas Cinema Society

I was reading Todd McIntosh's blog, "Life In The Corazón" about the launching of the new, deluxe, VIP Cinépolis theater at Morelia's Plaza Las Américas. I left a comment, one long enough to cause me to realize that it was really the beginning of an entry for this blog.

We haven't been to a movie (in a theater) since we moved to the area in September, 2005. It's not that we haven't tried, it's just that the selections on the playbill are so...unappealing.

I don't think that First-Class reclining chairs, with Crepas de Sushi a la Cajeta are a big enough draw for me. They have to get some decent, interesting films. I don't mean Alvin and The Chipmunks Take el DF. Also the ticket prices are at least the same, or higher, to what we were paying back in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lately, on various bus trips to Mexico City and Oaxaca and back, the quality of on-board movies seems to be rising They're not just the stock, chop-socky: Predator, Rambo Meets The Vampire Gang, and Danny The Dog Gets a New Leash On Life. Now there are some love stories, family fare, and Becoming a Man Aboard a Sailing Ship In The Summer While Losing My Virginity. There was a pretty good movie, which we saw twice, about the Lafayette Escadrille in WWI in France. It had these little aeroplanes in it. That was cool, once.

Now Todd, if you and Shannon are old enough (60 years +), you can qualify for an INAPAM Senior Discount Credencial that will give you movie theater discounts as well as half price bus fares between cities. You don't look anywhere near old enough, but Wait!, When you qualify, you can take the AutoVías bus to Mexico City at 1/2 price, while watching two free movies, sipping your BOING! natural fruit drink or agua embotellada. Sometimes, there's a sandwich, too. This is something to look forward to. Trust me.
No, nosotros los extranjeros of Upper Las Cuevas have the pleasure of seasonal movies under the auspices of our peregrinating friends and neighbors, Larry and Geni. Larry has rigged a projector to his computer so that we may watch quirky Film Classics, often of the Noir genre, beamed onto the white-painted walls of their Sala Grande. We sit in Director's Chairs, with cup holders, and munch popcorn while watching a knockoff version of Casablanca, for example. These are incomparable, home-grown type cinema experiences. I really doubt that Cinépolis VIP can even come close to equalling these evenings with our friends next door.