Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Capuchinos, Cortados y Canciones de Pájaros

Yesterday, sitting in the Café La Lucha, off the Plaza in Uruapan, we were sipping capuchinos fríos and cafés "cortados" (really cafés Americanos with hot milk foam on top, as served there)

As we enjoyed the strong, flavorful coffee, we saw an old man walk in. He stood in front of the table nearest the door and began to make bird songs. His only instruments were his mouth and throat. His skill was remarkable.

After a while, he came to our table and entertained and delighted us for a few minutes. We gave him a modest tip, and he thanked us with blessings.

After he walked away, we realized what an opportunity we missed. Three of us had digital cameras with video and audio recording capability. We'd have gladly given him a more generous tip in order to record him doing "Lullaby of Birdland".

Due to our oversight, you, dear readers, will have to be content with a photo of a capuchino frío.

Below is a slideshow of photos taken last year, in Uruapan's Parque Nacional Eduardo Ruíz. More, and better ones from yesterday coming eventually to this site.