Friday, February 22, 2008

Spot; A Dog of the South

"Life in Mexico for the retired American is not all cerveza and totopos with your guacamole. But the rewards are worth the occasional annoyances."

A recurrent theme here is that sometimes there're bugs in the guacamole.

So it was with mild disgust that we learned on return from our trip to Oaxaca, that the outside of our brick perimeter wall was (dis)graced by a perro muerto. My immediate instinct was to ignore it, for the bichos y los zopilotes would soon consume it.

X Marked The SPOT

That was not the case. As the week passed, the odor grew more fetid. I considered burning it with gasoline, but that would leave a big stain on the wall.
I had some calcium carbide, used in old miner's lamps, but I doubted that was enough to have any positive action.

Finally, the day before yesterday, I asked Sr. Mateo if he could do something about it.
He said that he's drag it off "arriba", and he did. I don't want to know where "arriba" is.

The smell still lingered at the spot where Spot once lay. I resorted to tossing buckets of cold water, heavily laced with Pino Sol. The smell is starting to dissipate.

I want to know why are the zopilotes so picky, and where were they when their services were needed.