Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Country Pie

Now that we are moved into the new house and 95% of our home furnishing shopping forays are complete, life here at Las Cuevas has settled into a quiet routine. We did give our first dinner part on Saturday. We had two couples of Mexican friends. I made a simple, Vietnamese style meal, with a Key Lime Pie for the desssert. It's really nice working in this kitchen. It's possibly the nicest I've ever had.

We have exchanged foods with our neighbor landlady's family. I sent over some fresh baked cinnamon rolls a week ago Sunday. The next day she sent a steaming plate of Tamales Dulces de Elote.

This past Sunday, as Susie and I were contemplating which (tasty) leftovers to eat for lunch, her son arrived with a plate full of Mole Rojo de Codorniz con Arroz. (Quail in red mole with rice.)

Yesterday I made a cross-cultural, cheese and potato stuffed breads; somewhere between potato and cheese knishes and Georgian (former Soviet Union Georgia) khachapuri.
I may want to slow down this exchange a bit, as I don't want to strain anyone's time and resources.

One of the best things about living out here is the tranquility and the friendliness of the neighbors. Friendly but not inquisitive. I have to remind myself from time to time to get up from the computer and go outside for a walk, even a short one. The walls of the houses and their gardens are glorious with flowers, and the surroundings of fertile valley and mountains, marked by rough walls of volcanic stones, is a deeply fulfilling vision.