Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Drinking the Kool-Aid

We enjoy life in a small, Michoacán community, and we feel welcomed and accepted by the local residents. It's especially a nice feeling to be invited to community events, such as the school year end ceremonies that took place on Monday.
As with most of these events, food and drink are involved, and Monday's event was no exception. When I showed up, just at the right moment, I was handed a plate heaped with rice and a turkey leg, covered in dark, rich, home made mole sauce. Yum!
Then I was handed a cup of Kool-Aid. The moment of truth was at hand.

We have a personalized approach to the question of potable water. We have been repeatedly told, in all sincerity, that the local water supply is pure and clean, and that we can drink it from the tap in confidence. However, because of our norteamericano hang-ups, we drink purified bottled water, and use the tap water for cooking and washing. The caution is because we have occasionally suffered some intestinal illnesses, with complications, and we do what we can to avoid these. They are probably totally unrelated to our water supply, but this system makes us feel better psychologically.

I looked all around the assembled diners, and all had cups of Kool-Aid. Well, ok, then; down it went.
I'm pleased to report that no ill effects resulted. I would have preferred a cerveza, but this was a school function, after all.
Sometimes it takes a little longer than usual to adapt to life here. For us, it's coming up on two years.


Michael Dickson said...

You spun the cylinder on the Colt .45, closed your eyes, and won that day´s game of Russian Roulette. Congrats.

Jim Jones handed out Kool-Aid too, you may recall.

Don Cuevas said...

Michael, of course I was thinking about Jim Jones when I wrote that. But I think, perhaps that you're being a bit over dramatic.

Sure, would have preferred a cerveza (Colt 45?). Anyway, it was a case of drink it, or go thirsty. There was an awfully big portion of mole and rice.

Thanks for reading my blog! I'm honored.


quash said...

I was in Guanajuato 3 years ago and scrupulously doing the bottled water thing. No ice, no fruit drinks.
Then one night I ordered some kind of corn based chocolate drink: wham.

Learned about the farmacia the next day.

Nice blog :)