Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Love Casona Rosa in Morelia

The Centro of Morelia has many hotels and B & Bs from which to choose. Where to stay depends on one's tastes and budget. We love staying at Casona Rosa.
For several years, we've watched the growth of first, Casa Rosa, and now, of Casona Rosa. They've come a long way from the first two cozy bedrooms and cute but tiny kitchens, formerly located down the street from the present location.

Doña Cuevas and I have been privileged to be guests of Rosa at both the early Casa Rosa and the extensive new Casona. We've also been privileged to meet Sra. Rosa and Sra. María Armenta, whom we count as friends, and Sra. Emily López, the U.S. reservations booking manager.

The Casona is quite unlike impersonal, modern hotels. It's more like staying at the grand house of a slightly eccentric but very creative and hospitable aunt. It's a place into which a lot of passionate energy has been invested. That passion is revealed both in the larger aspects, but especially in the details. The decor stands out because the old casona has been renovated and decorated with Mexican folk art down to the último charming tchotchke.

Tchotchke cabinet

Seldom does anything go unnoticed in order to make your stay more comfortable. An example: during our recent stay in the López suite, the clay water jug on a table had a netting cover over the mouth, weighted by tiny ceramic cups, in order to keep out any flying insects that might venture by. (We saw none, but it was a nice touch.)

There's a full kitchen available for guest's use, and with prior arrangement and a reasonable extra charge, breakfast will be prepared for you. María is famous for her giant burritos.
There's a casual dining room, just off the kitchen, and a slightly more formal one, to the back of the house, graced by this mural by former guest Valda Alsop.

Mural and photo by Val Alsop

Glass dining room table
Most of the suites are within range of the included wifi. There's also a Vonage phone available for guests' use. Donations are requested.
The sunny patio is a center for relaxation and conviviality. You can have breakfast there.

Another plus is the high level of personalized service. Rose and María will go out of their way to make sure that you get the info you seek, and often will personally accompany guests to local art and crafts stores, restaurants, mercados, or local points of interest. (When free time is available.)

Mercado Niño Santo, a few blocks away

The Casona Rosa taxi driver, Jesús López is a gem. Although we'd met, we hadn't used his professional services until recently. He took us to the Morelia Airport to pick up in-laws, and besides being a good driver through the sometimes insane Morelia traffic, he's outstandingly friendly and an interesting conversationalist on a variety of topics. (In English or Spanish.) 

If you do stay in the upstairs López Suite, which faces the Calle Galeana, be aware that there is traffic noise until about 10:00 p.m., and you should bring earplugs. The other suites, toward the back of the house, do not have that problem. Nevertheless, we had little trouble sleeping. The two upper suites warm up during the hotter months, but with the floor fans provided, we were reasonably comfortable. But I'd recommend that you choose a main floor suite toward the middle or back of the house when you book.

The Colonial Suite
Casona Rosa is very well situated, in the heart of the Centro Histórico, just a few minutes from the Plaza d'Armas, Catedral, and a wealth of Spanish Colonial buildings. Stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and restaurants, serving food from delicious hamburgers to creative "author" cuisine, are within a few minutes' walk.

Map of part of Morelia Centro
While Casona Rosa does not have its own parking garage, there are several within a few blocks' distance.

Stays at Casona Rosa are by reservation only.  Casona Rosa also offers special rates for long term stays. Contact  Rose Calderone  or Emily López by email for more information.

Casona Rosa
Calle Galeana 274, Colonia Centro
Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico 58000
443-312-3127 La Casona Mexican landline 

Rosa, L, and Doña Cuevas, R, admiring folk art


Steve Cotton said...

Morelia seems to have a n umber of these boutique hotels with edgy designs. I was very impressed with the almost SoHo style of hotel where we stayed in February. I need to come back.

maria luz said...

Terrific review and completely on target. It is such an intriguing place to stay.

It was very nice to finally meet you and Susie, if only for a few moments. Next time I will try very hard not to be rushing out the door to the doctor.


Don Cuevas said...

Steve, I know the kind of hip, edgy hotel to which you refer. Like the new, thrre suites only place across the street, and the MLM Hotel on narrow Calle Guerrero a few blocks away.

But Casona Rosa doesn't fall into that category. It's a very comfortable and ample space, with an eclectic, Mexican Folk Art decor, and a slightly nutty feel to the collection of tchotchkes.

While we were there, we met Mari Luz and her husband, J.

Don Cuevas

PS: I am reminded that another guest sent me a photo of a mural she'd painted for the "formal" dining room. I will upload that in a moment.