Monday, January 17, 2011

Pemeces* Past and Present

Old Pemex Gasolinera, C/ Federico Tena at C/ Navarrete
You could get your hair permed, your skin tattooed and your car greased. That was when we arrived here in October, 2005. Gas was no longer available.

Today, a new Pemex is arising. The final construction touches are underway. We don't know what it will offer, apart from gas, oil and air. I'm betting that no tattoos will be available, except accidentally. Maybe there will be an OXXO, or a Happy Go store. You can buy a lot of handy things in those stores. Look for the hotdog specials! You can get a premixed alcoholic beverage in a can!

We miss the old Pemex, a classic of Mission style Mexican Architecture. It occasionally provided us with cheap or free parking. The lube rack pits were totally unguarded by any safety rails. No risk to me, as I never went inside.

New Pemex plaza

Shade for your vehicle
*Pemeces: plural form of Pemex


Tancho said...

I wonder if they will let the firetrucks park there again?
I didn't see them replacing the old tanks, hopefully they didn't leak.

Steve Cotton said...

There was a certain charm tio the old petrol stations. Now, they look like -- well, I guess, gas stations.

Michael Dickson said...

I liked the style of the old building, but it served no useful purpose. It usually just sat there looking woebegone.

I welcome this new addition to downtown Pázcuaro. The changes that have been happening here, and are happening at this moment, are amazing.